About Siteroom

Siteroom is a collection of services, tailored for small businesses that are looking to grow and develop online. Our services include websites, marketing, copywriting, logos, design & print and advice. We pride ourselves on happy customers – after all, we want you to tell all your friends and colleagues just how good we are!

Who are we?

Siteroom is run by Consilience Media, based in the North East of England. Consilience Media has ten years’ experience in creating bespoke web platforms, editorial (in print and online) and design and marketing services, for the private and public sectors. We thought it was about time we offered more of our skills to small businesses too. To make this work, and to ensure you get the best level of service, we’ve created a network of fantastic partners and freelancers, ready to provide you with all you need to be successful online.

Why Siteroom websites are special

We are able to offer stunning, professional websites at very cost effective rates by using some of the best hand-picked (by us!) web templates available. Unlike most sites that offer web templates or ‘build-your-own’ products, we build your site for you. You get a site that is well-built and you can concentrate your time on the things you do best. You can use the Siteroom web templates ‘as is’ (with your branding and content of course), or we can customise templates to better suit your needs. If you prefer a unique design, or more complex functionality, we can do this too!

We make it easy for you

Our aim is to make the process as painless as possible, so you can get on with your core business. To this end we remove as much of the technical hassle as possible, from building your site to providing excellent support and training tools. For more info, see our website section.

Smart tools: a coordinated approach

Having a stunning, easy-to-update website is great, but that’s just the beginning. We offer a range of supporting services to help you make the most of online opportunities, including branding, marketing and copywriting. We’ve even got discounted packages tailored for common combinations of services. And if you don’t see one that’s right for you – let us know!

We’d like you to think of Siteroom as your ‘in-house’ web/creative/marketing agency. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help your business succeed, see what we’ve already done for existing clients, or start browsing some of our amazing web templates.

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