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  • a test post

    By . Published on 11th April 2017

    What is this ‘Lorem Ipsum’ or ‘Lorum Ipsum’ stuff?
    In publishing and graphic design, placeholder text is commonly used to demonstrate the elements of a document or visual presentation, such as font, typography, and layout. Even though using “lorem ipsum” often arouses curiosity because of its resemblance to classical Latin, it is not intended to have meaning.

  • Publishing a book made easy with UK Book Publishing

    By . Published on 4th June 2013

    Technology is breathing new life into publishing with print on demand and e-readers giving authors the option of self publishing their books, keeping 100% copyright and all the royalties. The relentless rise of social media has also played its part, offering new routes to market and avenues for spreading the word. You only have to look at the phenomenal success of ‘Fifty Shades’ to know that the traditional route to book publishing is being challenged.

    Now, authors do not have to wait years before finally getting a book deal – they can get their book onto Amazon within weeks of finishing the manuscript.

  • Be Different: Be Disruptive and Make Money

    By . Published on 24th July 2012

    Being disruptive pays. Following the pack does not. At least not for most people.

    Most marketing activity interrupts. It interrupts evenings in front of the TV, reading the newspaper, walking down the street. However, the interruptions get less effective as the consumer becomes immune to the endless messages.

  • How To Get More Customers Coming Out Of A Recession

    By . Published on 13th July 2012

    – No Hiding Place For Whoever Is In Charge Of Getting More Customers!

    ‘Marketers’ and ‘Business Development Managers’ have got away with hiding behind their trendy suits and budgets for far too long.  Sort them out.  (Sort yourself out?!)

  • What’s the fuss about service firms?

    By . Published on 2nd April 2012

    The world is full of independent firms that deliver some form of service to their clients. And many of these ‘service deliverers’ offer some form of expertise, some form of professionalism. They are ‘professional service firms’.
    Service Firms (SFs) or Professional Service Firms (PSFs) provide professional services to other companies or to the public – essentially they sell time, either on a project-by-project basis, on a one-off basis or on some form of monthly contract and/or retainer – the focus is on people interacting with people and serving the customer rather than transforming physical goods.