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By , published on 22nd November 2010

Working from home is incredibly convenient. It also saves you the cost and hassle of finding somewhere to base your business. Of course you need some space and there may be distractions, but there are lots of good reasons for working from home. Here are 10 of them:

  1. Cheap – the money you save by not renting an office can be invested instead in technology, marketing and other things that build your business;
  2. Commuting – travelling a few feet to the office each day can make feel great after years of catching the 07.30 train. You can work longer hours in shorter days;
  3. Convenient – if you are the creative type, or just prefer to work at odd times, working from home means you can go into the office or workshop whenever you want;
  4. Childcare – while something of a two-edged sword, working from home makes childcare a lot easier. Why not create workspace for your kids too? Make it fun!
  5. Coffee shops – for many of us these days, coffee shops provide a convenient place to meet clients, or simply catch up with our email. Find yourself a favourite coffee shop, get to know the staff and make it your home from home;
  6. Crises – life is littered with domestic crises. It can be useful to be at home working during the day, even if it’s only to let the plumber in when he calls to mend a tap;
  7. Comfortable – OK, you need to create a work-like environment, but when you’re having a day at the office you can dress down as far as you like;
  8. Colleagues – you will undoubtedly have people who work with you either regularly or on a project basis. Use Skype to video conference and keep in touch. Create a virtual office network;
  9. Environment – if you like to listen to music you can. You can also have the windows open in winter or the heating on in summer. You can create the work environment you want;
  10. Colds – you know when someone starts sneezing in an open-plan office? Soon everyone’s reaching for the tissues. Working from home can be healthy too!

Top tip

Don’t just use the chain coffee shops to meet people. That’s what everybody does. Consider cafes at art galleries and tourist attractions too. Find a place that matches your business style.

Self discipline and loneliness

Some people find working alone a challenge. They get lonely and find themselves easily distracted. If you suffer from ‘cabin fever’, here are some ways to avoid it:

  • Share – rent a desk in someone else’s office. You don’t have to be working in the same business, just with someone like you who wants a work buddy;
  • Hot desk – most business centres provide hot-desking. This enables you to pay for space only when you’re using it. You’ll also find meeting rooms, telephone answering and a postal address if you need it;
  • Empty office – sometimes your best customer will happily give you workspace in exchange for the convenience of having you on site. You can ‘earn’ your rent;
  • Clubs – major cities all have business clubs you can join. These cost more than basic hot-desking but provide a more personal service. Other members might also become clients.

In a nutshell

If you work from home make sure you:

  • Have office contents and public liability insurance;
  • Remember that you can offset some household bills against your profits;
  • Have a separate work phone number and answer it professionally.
and there may be distractions

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