Advice:10 tips to help you work better with your suppliers

By , published on 30th January 2011

Your suppliers are as important to you as your customers. This is true if you are a manufacturer buying components or a consultancy with freelance associates. You’ll work best with suppliers that have these ten qualities:

  1. Reliability – your reputation hangs on your suppliers’ ability to meet your needs. If they let you down, you end up letting your customers down. Make sure they’re reliable;
  2. Tolerance – you are unlikely to be perfect either! Good suppliers tolerate those panic phone calls and try their best to get you out of a muddle – even when it’s self-inflicted;
  3. Potential – you want suppliers who can grow with you. They should share your ambition and be prepared to invest in keeping up with you. Notice if you outgrow a supplier;
  4. Quality – buy the best your customers need. Don’t encourage suppliers to cut corners to reduce costs. Nor buy better than you need. Check quality regularly;
  5. Stability – you want your supplier to be there when you need them. Take an interest in their aspirations, achievements and challenges. Help them grow if you can;
  6. Good suppliers – your supplier buys as well as sells. How good are their suppliers?
  7. Deep pockets – when your cash flow hiccups, the first people you lean on for credit are your suppliers. Can they support you in times of trouble?
  8. Great people – any business is only as good as its people. Good suppliers have motivated, able, enthusiastic people. Get to know the people who work on your behalf;
  9. Enquiring minds – nothing stays the same for long. You want suppliers that are constantly seeking improvement. Are yours exploring new and innovative ideas?
  10. Fun – you will get more from your suppliers if their people socialise with your people. Why not challenge them to five-a-side football?

Finding good suppliers is as important as finding good customers. In fact, to enjoy success you need both. Here are some places you might look:

  • trade journals;
  • industry exhibitions;
  • local business networks;
  • the internet;
  • competitors’ products (to identify component suppliers);
  • professional and trade organisations (to identify associates);
  • friends in similar businesses to yourself – ask for recommendations;
  • foreign trade missions able to introduce overseas suppliers;
  • university research teams working in your industry area;
  • newspapers reporting business achievement.

Be a good customer

You’ll get the best deal and support if you are considered a good customer by your suppliers. Here’s how:

  • agree annual targets and work together to achieve them;
  • confirm orders in writing and make them clear and specific;
  • don’t blame your suppliers for your own mistakes;
  • pay when you say you will, even if it’s late;
  • give constructive feedback to encourage innovation.

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