Advice:Does Marketing Matter? 365 Million ‘Googlers’ Can’t Be Wrong!

By , published on 11th August 2010

During the course of a year, the word ‘marketing’ gets around 365 million hits on Google.  Why so many? Because marketing matters!

If your business is like many other service businesses, the chances are that you swing from being inundated with work one minute and find yourself sitting twiddling your thumbs the next. When work is plentiful, you don’t have time to think about where the next batch of clients is going to come from, let alone do anything about ensuring that they choose your business over the competition.

When things quieten down and cash is beginning to dry up, you finally find the time to get out there and market your services but don’t really know where to start. You probably begin with one tactic and, when that doesn’t provide instant results, you switch to something else. All this chopping and changing and rather scattered approach though, is doomed to failure from the start.

Many business owners find themselves in just the same boat. They can see how crowded today’s marketplace is, but they don’t know how to distinguish themselves from the competition and so ensure a steady stream of profitable clients.

The marketing books that they read make the whole process sound unbelievably complicated, and trying to apply hypothetical theories or examples from huge corporations to their own businesses just doesn’t seem to work. As they watch other businesses, the ones that market themselves well, grow and prosper, their own haphazard efforts just seem to lead nowhere.

Growing a business requires a strategic approach to marketing in order to get fast and effective results. Far from being the complicated deal that many make it out to be, however, developing a marketing strategy really doesn’t need to be difficult and most of what needs to be understood is just plain old common sense. Yes it takes time and effort and skills which need to be learned, but given a simple road map to follow, it is something which any business owner can not only get to grips with easily, but implement immediately.

As obvious as it may sound, attracting new clients into your business means making yourself visible. You could be offering the most innovative or effective, or the cheapest service in the world, but if those who are potentially in the market for your offering don’t know that you even exist, then you are clearly not going to get very far. Effective marketing techniques let you raise your profile and build customer awareness to ensure that your business always get noticed.

With hundreds, or even thousands of other businesses out there offering similar services though, getting noticed in itself is not enough. Your prospective clients need very good reason to choose you over the competition and if they are going to do that, they need to be able to trust in you and your offering.

For marketing to be truly effective, therefore, it also means building your credibility so that you and your service become the only sensible and logical choice.

Businesses which give marketing a back seat simply disappear in a sea of competitors. Those which use a stop and start process, meanwhile, get stop and start results, with peaks and troughs in work flow. A strategic approach involving simple techniques, however, ensures a continual stream of profitable clients and rapid business growth.

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