Advice:Find all the large files on a mac’s hard drive

By , published on 12th October 2011

If you’re an Apple mac owner and you want to know what’s hogging all your disk space (like I did recently!), then there are a couple of free tools that make this process nice and easy.

To find all the large files on your mac, you can download Disk InventoryX, a free and easy-to-use tool that scans your hard drive, and presents you with a graphical depiction of its contents.

Give it a few minutes to scan your hard drive, and Disk Inventory X will return an overview like this:

find all the large files on your hard drive

Large files are depicted graphically, so you can easily spot the biggies

Click on a coloured rectangle to show its name and path. You can now identify the culprits that are taking up all your disk space!

Another similar tool to try is the reasonably-priced WhatSizeMac.




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