Advice:Is your web browser up-to-date?

By , published on 3rd August 2010

The Internet is continually evolving. To ensure you’re browsing securely and taking advantages of the latest features, it’s crucial that you update your web browser fairly regularly.

Why update?

The main reason is security. If your using an old browser (for instance Microsoft Internet Explorer 6), you may be putting your computer at risk. Google and YouTube no longer support it. Even Microsoft want you to upgrade. The latest version of Internet Explorer, IE8, is better, although there are still security concerns; for instance the German and French governments have stopped using it.  That’s why we recommend you use a modern, secure browser.

Which browser are you using now?

As you’re now on a web page, the name of the browser you’re using should be displayed at the top left of the screen. If you’re on a PC and simply use whatever was installed when you bought it, the chances are you’re using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. There are several excellent alternative browsers, which we’ve outlined below.

So, which is the best browser?

We recommend the following browsers, depending on your priorities. All these options are secure, modern browsers.

For speed, choose Google’s Chrome browser or Apple’s Safari

For extra features, including thousands of useful optional add-ons, choose Mozilla’s Firefox.

Whichever browser you choose, the switch is easier than you may imagine. All your favourites, bookmarks and passwords can be transferred, and the installation process is quick and easy.

Important: Remember to upgrade!

From time to time, no matter which browser you use, there will be software updates. These should occur ‘behind the scenes’, although depending on your browser, you may be asked for confirmation before upgrading. We strongly recommend you allow these upgrades.

Remember though, Bona fide software update notifications are never sent via email. If you receive any emails prompting you to upgrade or download software, beware; they are probably spam.

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