Advice:Make decisions today – Talk yourself into, not out of stuff

By , published on 17th August 2010

Trapeze photo by Taro Taylor
When people start a businesses off… I want you to think of it like being on a trapeze, at first they have a safety net, of enthusiasm, savings, desire… they choose not to jump to the other side no matter how close the other trapeze gets.

Deciding to stick to the one they are on, ie; not making decisions, talking themselves out of stuff, instead of in to stuff.

Then as a result, momentum is lost the other side is even more difficult to reach, and actually they wish they would have jumped earlier, as now it gets even scarier as they realise they don’t have any momentum anymore and they hold their trapeze even tighter now…

Then the safety net, enthusiasm, desire, savings is removed… until the final act, which is having no option other than to let go.


Make decisions today, start talking yourself into, not out of stuff.

Make calls, fail fast. Make more calls.

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