Advice:Making time for your business without cutting into family life

By , published on 5th August 2011

Today, entrepreneurs are working harder and being more stressed than ever. In fact, an estimated one out of four people in the UK are not getting enough sleep. It is likely these people are also struggling to make time for family.

Family Time

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead to spend time with the spouse and kids, suggests Set aside one day per week or one hour each day. Everything revolves around this time. It is as inflexible as the sun. This is even simpler if you choose breakfast or dinner.

Choosing the Perfect Time

The chosen family time should not be the only time you spend with family. It should be the day or hour your family has no doubts about your attendance, though. It gets easier to schedule work around family once coworkers know you are never available at this time. Optional business time and off the clock outings are set aside for family during this time.

How to pick the best family time and stick to it:

  1. Choose a time most people are not grumpy. Breakfast is good, but everyone might be feeling on edge and tired by dinner.
  2. Let everyone know. It is easier to stick to a plan when people expect you to. Plus, it will give kids something to look forward to.
  3. Never deviate from family time. It only makes it easier to not show up again.

Watch Television

Family activities can be just as stressful as work, especially if you have not had a chance to wind down. Psychologist Pat Spungin of believes that watching television with family is a bonding activity. Aim for one to two hours of television several times per week. Remember to take turns watching each other’s favourite shows. Keep it age appropriate if kids are involved.

The best thing about watching television to bond is that it is probably something you do anyway. So it is not a matter of making time for business or family. It is a matter of including family members in something you already do and enjoy.

Pat’s study also shows that comedy is best kind of show to watch with family. Laughter not only helps people bond, it releases a hormone that makes people feel good. If you have trouble choosing a family show or actually watching television, follow the tips below.

Find out what the critics say.

Look to websites like to find good shows. The critics cannot tell you what shows will suit your family. However, they can sort out the bad seeds to make choosing a show easier.

Ask everyone’s opinion on what they like best.

Do not make assumptions. It takes a few minutes and everyone will be happier for it.

Record the Shows

To minimise frustration, record the shows to watch later or pay to download them.

Many families find it hard to sit down at a specific time.

Discuss Duties

Why Communicate

Talk with your partner about who does what each day. It is less stressful when everyone knows what their roles are. In addition, children and household chores are less neglected because the adults do not assume the other is handling the situation.

Picking the Duties

You could stick to old-fashioned gender roles; for example, the man is in charge of working and household maintenance while the woman cooks and cleans. On the other hand, many people find harmony by doing away with gender roles. They simply take on chores that they are most comfortable with. For example, it might be easiest for partners to switch who cooks depending on how late they both work.

The primary purpose of talking with a partner about these matters is making family life less stressful. “Good communication greases the wheels of family sanity, other early-career experts say,” notes Tori DeAngelis of the American Psychological Association.

In conclusion, there is no need to choose between family and business. Likewise, there is usually no need to make drastic changes to your current schedule or lifestyle. All you need do is pick a time for family, watch some television, and make sure everyone knows their role in the family.

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