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    By . Published on 5th May 2011

    Perfectly nice people with perfectly nice businesses are going bust left, right and centre. Big businesses, small businesses, all sizes of businesses. It is outrageous. It is obscene and a disgrace.
    I think I am about to start ranting!

  • Getting the best from your mentor

    By . Published on 2nd May 2011

    We all have mentors, even if we do not realise it.
    For people in school, it might be a teacher who is willing to spend a little extra time with you. It could be a family friend who always has good advice and contacts. For those of you still in the corporate world, dreaming of starting your own business, it is the person who might actually be able to make that happen.

  • Managing cash in difficult times

    By . Published on 25th April 2011

    Businesses don’t fail because of a short-term lack of profitability; they fail because they run out of cash.
    The Solutions:

  • How to keep your customers happy

    By . Published on 21st April 2011

    In a world where everyone tries to delight us, why are we not so very delighted?
    Companies lose customers because they go elsewhere.  And the reason why customers go elsewhere is that the people who serve them are indifferent to their needs. Here are 10 ways to keep your customers happy:

  • Avoiding failure

    By . Published on 18th April 2011

    The recession is in full swing; recently, two of my friends’ businesses have gone under, despite having healthy order books.
    In both cases, the final coup de grace was delivered by their banks, which withdrew further credit. To a former salesperson, a company going into receivership despite having a good sales pipeline is a paradox, so for enlightenment I sought the advice of Guy Rigby, who heads up the entrepreneur group at accountants Smith & Williamson.