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  • Something about The Beatles (and Stackridge)

    By . Published on 14th April 2011

    I am often asked what I think about the television show Dragons’ Den.
    While it has done a sterling job in raising awareness of entrepreneurship in the UK, particularly amongst young people, it has to be remembered that it is only a television show.

  • What does your desk say about you?

    By . Published on 10th April 2011

    Janette Whitney of Award-winning Business Consultants, Janette Whitney & Associates gives insight on claims that the state of your workspace is a reflection of your personality and abilities.
    Recent research claims that most people fit into one of five desk personalities that reveal insights into their organisational skills, career ambitions, communication skills and sense of humour.

  • Why big businesses are lousy at selling to SMEs

    By . Published on 7th April 2011

    Big blue chip corporates think they’re marketing to the small or owner-managed businesses but they’re not. They’re not talking to these business people. They don’t know how to talk to small businesses… They don’t even realise that small businesses have a separate language and a separate way of being from the world that they live in.
    There are four million small businesses in the UK and that’s just the bosses, accounting for 99.8% of the UK business names and employing 12 million people.

  • Re-invent yourself!

    By . Published on 31st March 2011

    Bored? Unfulfilled? Then why not just re-invent yourself?
    Back in the 80s, Christine Comaford and I were both upstarts in the computer industry; I was opening up an office in Boston for my first start-up, The Instruction Set, while she was working as a contractor at Lotus. Who would have thought, all those years ago, that one day we’d both be best-selling authors?

  • Survive and thrive, my foot

    By . Published on 24th March 2011

    In our attempts to be polite, everything recession-oriented has the strapline ‘survive and thrive’.  My book… workshops run by accountants… and seminars run by banks, business support organisations and consultants now give everything the S&T tagline. Sometimes we reverse the letters so it is T&S!
    Survive and thrive, my foot.