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  • Prepare for the upturn

    By . Published on 18th March 2011

    Recession, tightening of money supply, nervousness in investor confidence, decline in customer demand, inflation, shortages of key commodities, adverse currency movements, economic and political uncertainty – they all come and go.
    Fortune often goes to the bold in such circumstances – but most often to the well prepared.

  • Wow!

    By . Published on 17th March 2011

    So when was the last time you said ‘Wow!’ about the quality of customer service you received?
    My guess is you are thinking the exact opposite, especially during a holiday break, when civilization in the UK seems to grind to a complete halt. Perhaps you were fuming at the state of the rail network; perhaps, like me, you are waiting for your dentist to amble back to work somewhere around the second week in January; you might even still be trying to arrange delivery of some Christmas presents ordered over the internet.

  • How to grow this business

    By . Published on 10th March 2011

    A friend called me and asked, “How do we grow our business…?  My boss wants to promote me and the interview, tomorrow, is based on what I will do to grow the business. Help… will a bottle of wine help?”.

    The initial approach to answering the question, ‘How do you grow a business?’ should be straightforward.  It doesn’t take a Stelios or a Branson to tell you that you need:

  • Networking online

    By . Published on 4th March 2011

    There is an increasing choice of places to network online, so what are the four keys to benefiting from online networks?.

  • Mike’s magic email

    By . Published on 3rd March 2011

    I recently returned from speaking in the Far East to an inbox of several hundred emails. Many hoped to interest me in their services or suggest subjects for this column. Almost all had one major drawback: they were far too long.
    There is a saying attributed to many, including Mark Twain: “I am sorry to write you a long letter, I did not have time to send a short one.” We all send too many emails and most of them are far too verbose. The attention span of a potential customer is very short, so you need to convey a very simple message with a clear call to action.