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  • The secret of effective business cards (part 4)

    By . Published on 2nd March 2011

    The last in this four-part series on the secrets of effective business cards. Your business card is all that’s left of you when you say goodbye to someone at a networking. It needs to create some kind of an impact. It has to make people remember you, and want to call or connect you. Does yours?
    1. Spread the word. Depending on your role and your image, how might your business grow if you can give out four or five cards a day for the next 12 months? From putting them in envelopes with payments and letters, to leaving them on tables with tips, to addressing the receptionist when you arrive for meetings and appointments to chance meetings on lanes, trains and waiting in line, there are many opportunities to share your message without being too ‘salesy’. Of course, ramming it down people’s throats is a ‘no no’. Good conversationalists find many openings to share business cards. If they can’t use you, they may know someone that does.

  • The secret of effective business cards (part 3)

    By . Published on 28th February 2011

    If you’re in business, you need a business card. There is no better and faster way to share your message and your contact details with a prospect or contact, hopefully encouraging a connection as you do.
    One of the most common ways of sharing cards is through networking. Networking is simply word-of-mouth marketing, and is probably the purest low cost/no cost way to promote your business. ‘The strategy for survival is visibility,’ as legendary networker Will Kintish told me. And the joy of networking is that you can do it anytime, anyplace, anywhere! From shopping and walking the dog to queuing for planes, trains and automobiles, you’ll always come across someone to talk to. And while they might not be your next best client, their colleague, friend, brother, sister, even mother or father might be.

  • Ten training opportunities most overlook

    By . Published on 23rd February 2011

    Training and personal development can make a tremendous difference to the way people perform in their jobs. Don’t forget that this also applies to you as the boss. However, if you thought that training had to involve spending lots of money, think again. Here are 10 low cost options.

  • Why you can’t sell and what to do about it

    By . Published on 21st February 2011

    With so much mediocrity about, you can stand out if you improve the way that you sell.
    This article, in a nutshell:

  • The secret of effective business cards (part 2)

    By . Published on 18th February 2011

    Part 2 of this article series share another five tips. To see more read on ..
    5. Share useful information. One friend, Rod Sloane, has a business card with 12 strong tips on how to attract profitable new clients. Although I have his contact details in my database, and know what Rod does, I’m still reluctant to throw it away, and his card has sat on my computer for the last 12 months!