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  • A wit and to woo

    By . Published on 17th February 2011

    Stephen Fry, as you all know, is an actor, presenter, author, director and unofficial national treasure. What you probably also know is that he is also a mega-star on the social blogging site Twitter. Stephen is one of the most followed Twitterers in the world with over one million followers, and his following is growing daily.
    I caught up with him at the Apple Store in Regent Street, where he was speaking as part of their ‘Meet the Author’ series. Despite his old-world appearance, he is a self-confessed gadget freak, having purchased the second Apple Macintosh in the UK (his friend and Hitchhiker’s Guide author Douglas Adams bought the first).

  • What does your handshake say about you?

    By . Published on 16th February 2011

    More than just physical contact, a handshake conveys a wealth of psychological information.
    We walk away from a handshake saying things like, “You know, I just felt really comfortable with her” or “I don’t know why, but I simply don’t trust that guy”.

  • The secret of effective business cards (part 1)

    By . Published on 14th February 2011

    Whether you run your own empire and do your marketing on a shoestring, or you work for a large corporate outfit with money to burn on marketing, your business card is a key marketing tool in your business developing toolbox if you use it right.
    Traditionally, people in business for themselves have had more to lose from business card blues. It’s no good being brilliant and remaining the best kept secret in the world. You’ve got to tell people. And networking is a terrific way to do this IF YOUR BUSINESS CARD BACKS YOU UP!

  • Ten things to do that will make you a good boss

    By . Published on 11th February 2011

    Motivating yourself can be tough, but motivating others can be a far larger challenge. In fact motivating those you employ can in itself be very motivating for you. Here are ten small things that will make your staff happier at work. Happiness is a vital precursor to motivation!

  • New year, new plan?

    By . Published on 4th February 2011

    Here are a few ideas to help get your business off to a flying start this year.