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  • How to set your networking goals

    By . Published on 7th January 2011

    If your networking lacks purpose, then you’ll find yourself at the wrong events, talking to the wrong people and having the wrong conversations. If that’s you, then it’s your fault! This article, and the three part series on The Networking Strategy ‘Trinity’ will help you define and execute a formidable networking plan that will ensure you maximise your valuable time and resources... Here is the first article in that series if you’ve not yet read it: The Networking Strategy ‘Trinity’ Pt 1. Strong networking goals are set after you’ve defined your strategy. There are two types:
    1.  Strategic goals. These are aligned to your strategy and are clearly defined statements of intent such as:

  • Using formulas for your elevator speech

    By . Published on 17th December 2010

    One of the two most common questions people will ask you in any social or business situations is ‘what do you do?’ It stumps most people. For some reason people struggle to sum up nicely what they actually do for a living. You’re good at telling people who you are, because that’s simply the job title on your business card. Here are some examples…

  • The cheque’s in the post??

    By . Published on 13th December 2010

    With late or non payment on the increase in business, here are 10 ways to improve your credit control and maximise cash flow:

  • 10 ways to motivate yourself

    By . Published on 6th December 2010

    Running your own business does not mean you are always going to feel motivated. At times, the tasks will seem too daunting and distractions will be too tempting. What’s more, no one else is going to motivate you if you’re the boss. Here’s how to motivate yourself:

    Set daily goals – if you plan what you want to get done each day, you’re less likely to feel overwhelmed by your workload. Set realistic daily work goals;

  • 10 ways to help you get bank funding

    By . Published on 29th November 2010

    Getting funding from your bank is not nearly as straightforward as it used to be. If you are a growing business relying on bank finance, maintaining a positive relationship with your bank is more critical than ever.

    Here are 10 ways to inspire confidence in your bank and help you get the finance you need.