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  • How to create the network you want

    By . Published on 15th November 2010

    As the saying goes ‘it’s not what you know but who you know’ so how can you widen your network of contacts to create the network that is important to your business. Here are 10 tips to help you create the network you want.

  • When doing it yourself becomes a false economy

    By . Published on 11th November 2010

    Most small business owners tend to go it alone at first, taking everything on themselves in their bid to save money. Actually though, more often than not this ‘do it yourself’ mentality becomes a self-defeating false economy which leaves them trapped and unable to grow their businesses.

  • Ultimate entrepreneur: The Little Red Hen

    By . Published on 4th November 2010

    Four entrepreneurial lessons pulled from a nursery story called The Little Red Hen.

  • 10 top networking tips

    By . Published on 1st November 2010

    Do you find networking daunting? Most of us find it difficult to approach and talk with complete strangers. Here are ten tips to help you get networking.

  • The fortune’s in the follow-up!

    By . Published on 28th October 2010

    As a business owner, it can often be hard to know at what point you cross the line from being persistent to being borderline pushy when it comes to following up sales leads. Having made one or two attempts to stay in touch and got nowhere, therefore, most begin to back down and head off in a new direction, all the time spending more and more money on yet another advertising or marketing campaign that falls short of the mark and watching their profits being eaten away.

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