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  • How to convert more leads into sales

    By . Published on 20th October 2010

    One of the biggest sales and marketing problems businesses can face is getting people who seem interested in buying something to actually take the plunge and hand over their money. The key then to a successful business is not just one which attracts prospects, but one which has fail-safe systems to convert them into revenue.

  • 10 reasons why it’s smart to manage your costs

    By . Published on 18th October 2010

    Everyone focuses on winning sales and growing turnover. But often the biggest opportunity to boost profit is by reducing your costs. As Jass found in Chapter 7 of my new Checklists book (Mokoko cocktail bar), you can reduce cost without reducing perceived quality. Here are 10 reasons why you might choose to do the same:

  • Poor planning key to 80% business start-up failure rate

    By . Published on 14th October 2010

    According to a recent BBC news report, four out of every five business start-ups ends in failure and one of the main reasons comes down to either poor planning or a total lack of it.

  • Marketing in a recession: tips to survive

    By . Published on 6th October 2010

    Managing marketing appropriately for the market conditions is essential if a business is to weather these difficult times. With customers watching what they spend, businesses need to keep them engaged and ensure their company’s messages are being well received.

  • 10 people who can offer you the best advice

    By . Published on 4th October 2010

    You will find many people only too willing to offer you their opinion. But what you really need is advice from people with relevant knowledge and experience. Opinion is important and can help you shape your view. Good advice is more valuable, steering you away from potential pitfalls. Here are ten different people who can advise you.

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