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  • Be an exemplar of your trade

    By . Published on 26th March 2012

    I spend most of my time working with service firms. Either I am their customer or I am their supplier, helping them to grow their sales and profits. They provide services for other people: digital marketing campaigns, logo design, end of year accounts and management information, time management techniques, coaching around objective-setting, social media expertise, strategy workshops, and homeopathic treatments.
    While the category of ‘service provider’ is huge, what they have in common is the selling of advice and expertise that will help the client.

  • How to grow your service firm

    By . Published on 20th February 2012

    You’re a management consultant, trainer, coach, creative, financial, or employment professional, homeopath, architect, accountant, solicitor, surveyor. The list goes on – you sell a service and it is probably a ‘professional service’… you sell some kind of expertise. 

  • Why do some firms grow nine times faster than others?

    By . Published on 6th February 2012

    There is a group of professional service firms (PSFs) that grow nine times faster than the average. They are 50% more profitable than the average. So, what’s going on?
    Doing the research for the new Grow Your Service Firm book, it was easy to see that high- performing service firms are the ones that have clients that believe in the business. The ‘positioning’ (and ‘targeting’) talks to clients in a way that the client can relate to and understand. The firm understands the client needs, hurts and wants and has a solution. The likelihood is that the service firm is a specialist and not a generalist. That is the Grow Your Service Firm ‘ology’.

  • The service firm myopia you aren’t aware of

    By . Published on 19th December 2011

    There is the absurd statistic that most men believe that they are ‘above-average drivers’. They really believe that they are ‘above average’. Well, most of them do!!!!  Honestly…!
    Well, the “we are ‘above-average’” statistic doesn’t just apply to male drivers.

  • When gold/silver/bronze packages become a bad idea

    By . Published on 5th December 2011

    I have long been a fan of creating different service qualities for different client groups; different service packages at different price points for differing client needs and pockets. Gold/Silver/Bronze can in fact be expanded into Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze/Paper product classes where ‘platinum’ is uber-expensive and ‘paper’ is free (See Expensive is the New Free)
    The incremental cost of selling the premium price product tends to be negligible so it makes sense to spend more time selling the better (and more profitable) offering. Despite this, there is an opposite pull – a force to dissipate the benefits of premium pricing. One which will damage your business.