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  • 10 important figures and how to calculate them

    By . Published on 18th August 2010

    If you’re new to business, or simply new to the numbers, the words people use when describing business plans can be confusing. Here are the ten you need to know best, together with how to work them out:

  • Make decisions today – Talk yourself into, not out of stuff

    By . Published on 17th August 2010

    When people start a businesses off… I want you to think of it like being on a trapeze, at first they have a safety net, of enthusiasm, savings, desire… they choose not to jump to the other side no matter how close the other trapeze gets.
    Deciding to stick to the one they are on, ie; not making decisions, talking themselves out of stuff, instead of in to stuff.

  • The Secrets To Setting Strong Goals

    By . Published on 16th August 2010

    The jury is back in! Goals work! There is no doubt now that all of the world’s most successful people set priorities, objectives and deadlines of all kinds, and call them goals.

    There are many facets to setting and achieving your goals, and any strong mentoring or development programme will make these a focal point of your activities and conversations. There are seven crucial things to remember if you want your goals to really work for you.

  • Does Marketing Matter? 365 Million ‘Googlers’ Can’t Be Wrong!

    By . Published on 11th August 2010

    During the course of a year, the word ‘marketing’ gets around 365 million hits on Google.  Why so many? Because marketing matters!
    If your business is like many other service businesses, the chances are that you swing from being inundated with work one minute and find yourself sitting twiddling your thumbs the next. When work is plentiful, you don’t have time to think about where the next batch of clients is going to come from, let alone do anything about ensuring that they choose your business over the competition.

  • 10 proven tips on creative thinking

    By . Published on 9th August 2010

    Here are ten very simple tips to help you think more creatively: