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  • You think the recession is holding back your growth?

    By . Published on 22nd November 2011

    In research, growing businesses say that market conditions would have the greatest impact on inhibiting their growth. It does not surprise me that businesses cite market conditions as the key influencer of growth but this does blur some of the key issues around the subject of growth.
    Research, as well as an intuitive feel, consistently suggests that there are several key factors that inhibit the growth of a business.  No one factor dominates but rather a combination is what the entrepreneur normally cites.

  • What next after Business Link?

    By . Published on 8th November 2011

    The Business Link is on its last legs.
    I have argued for and against the service and I believe that there is still a relative lack of interest in the subject (The Truth Is No-one Seems To Care About BL). Meanwhile we hear the cries of woe from the current BL staff.

  • How to set up Hotmail on an iPhone

    By . Published on 5th November 2011

    We usually advise our clients to use Gmail, rather than Hotmail, as it’s better at spam detection and, well,  much more.

    However, for those of you who want to set up Hotmail on an iPhone – here’s a great little walkthrough:

  • Help Desk software for small business: is it worth it?

    By . Published on 31st October 2011

    What is a help desk?
    A help desk is put in place by a company to provide technical support to their customers. A customer will either call or email the help desk and they will be allocated a unique number, usually called a ‘ticket’. The ticket is then internally assigned to a member of staff who is responsible for ensuring that it is dealt with promptly and in the correct manner. If the member of staff cannot resolve the problem then the ticket gets reassigned to someone in a more senior position. Managers can use the helpdesk software to monitor staff response times and the level of customer service that is provided.

  • How to manage your way through [out of] a crisis

    By . Published on 24th October 2011

    This recession has seen plenty of casualties; there’s no doubt about that. In hindsight there should have been no surprises when we saw estate agents and conveyancing lawyers taking the hits. But they have not been alone in their pain.
    Here is another true story – one that could have ended up in the insolvency and bankruptcy courts… but didn’t!
    A recent client, a distributor of a particular health product, felt the tide turning. Along with the general angst that accompanied the recession the specific problem was that their key distributor cancelled their major income stream. The business was about to die. Or so it seemed.