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  • How high achievers actually get results

    By . Published on 26th September 2011

    The problem many businesses have is not so much about plans and planning as it is about just making stuff happen. The planning bit just makes it more likely that the right things will happen.
    All the preoccupation with ‘The Business Plan’ is pretty much a waste of time if it doesn’t actually get followed through.  And that is normally the case!

  • Are your sales a bit slow?

    By . Published on 20th September 2011

    Are you finding business a bit slow? I know, you think to yourself, my prices are too high, I should cut them and that will solve the problem.

  • How to find niches and opportunities to fight the post-recession blues

    By . Published on 12th September 2011

    Robert Craven offers a checklist to find niches and opportunities post-recession:

  • How recession proof are your profits?

    By . Published on 6th September 2011

    You can almost guarantee that if you open a paper today there will be numerous doom and gloom stories about businesses suffering during this turbulent downturn in the economy. So just how do companies remain profitable during these hard times?

  • Site marketing basics – SEO, web design and online marketing strategies

    By . Published on 2nd September 2011

    Website marketing isn’t necessarily a difficult process. You can make it a lot more difficult for yourself, however, by making some basic mistakes. The fact is that most website owners effectively sabotage their own marketing by using half-baked online marketing techniques and making a mess of fundamental errors in their SEO. We’re going to look at some of the basic ‘How Tos’ of website marketing and techniques.

    SEO – Don’t do anything without it