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  • How to ask for business

    By . Published on 29th August 2011

    Good sales people, people that love selling and build solid relationships with a base of faithful clients, are worth their weight in gold.
    Many of us are nervous about asking for business but the truth is that if we don’t ask then it will go to someone else. It’s often the reputation that pushy sales people have that puts the whole process in a bad light. Nobody likes in-your-face selling, especially if it’s unsolicited.

  • How successful are your phone calls?

    By . Published on 23rd August 2011

    Making important telephone calls as opposed to a face to face conversation can be difficult and sometimes more unnerving. You can’t assess the other person eyeball to eyeball, you can’t see their body language and facial expressions, all of which makes it more difficult for you to gauge the success or otherwise of what you are trying to achieve. 
    So here are five tips to help increase the odds in your favour:

  • The number one reason for business failure is…

    By . Published on 15th August 2011

    Business failures and new business start-ups are favourite Government statistics.
    Looking at the research, one of the key findings is that only one in five (19%) of those businesses starting-up will survive to their fifth birthday (Warwick Business School). Also, wise and experienced 50 to 55-year-olds stand a better chance of producing surviving businesses than the young, thrusting, would-be entrepreneurs in their early 20s. On reflection, the statistic makes sense.

  • Time to sell your business?

    By . Published on 9th August 2011

    Selling your business could be the most important financial deal you’ll ever make, and perhaps the most emotional. Not all businesses are saleable – you can only sell your business if someone is prepared to pay for it. If you can’t identify strong reasons, that can be easily substantiated, why you business would make a good acquisition, it’s likely to be difficult to find a buyer.
    Many business owners put in a lifetime of hard work building their business only to throw away some of the rewards by failing to consider properly how they will exit from the business financially.
    Why you need an exit strategy

  • Making time for your business without cutting into family life

    By . Published on 5th August 2011

    Today, entrepreneurs are working harder and being more stressed than ever. In fact, an estimated one out of four people in the UK are not getting enough sleep. It is likely these people are also struggling to make time for family.

    Family Time