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  • No more ‘To Do’ lists

    By . Published on 1st August 2011

    In a desperate attempt to keep control of my life I have now adopted a ‘Don’t Do’ List policy. It should be easier to stick to the ‘Don’t Do’ list but actually it is still pretty tricky.

    So, in no particular order…

  • Buying a business

    By . Published on 26th July 2011

    So you fancy a present for yourself? – there’s lots on offer out there, but if you’re thinking about running your own business, buying a company that’s already established may be a lot less work than starting from scratch. Like everything though there are advantages and disadvantages to consider.

  • How to nurture performance

    By . Published on 18th July 2011

    Senior managers and trainers tend to select individuals with talent and potential, and attempt to transform them into effective managers and leaders for the future. Robert Craven takes a leaf out of Pygmalion, to demonstrate the dos and don’ts of management development.

    Pygmalion, in Roman mythology, was a sculptor and a king of Cyprus. He hated women and resolved never to marry. He worked for many months on a statue of a beautiful woman and fell madly in love with it. Heartbroken, because the statue remained lifeless and could not respond to his caresses, Pygmalion prayed to Venus (Aphrodite), goddess of love, to send him a maiden like his statue. The goddess answered his prayer by endowing the statue with life. The maiden, whom Pygmalion called Galatea, returned his love and bore him a son, Paphos.

  • Keeping your cool at work

    By . Published on 12th July 2011

    When temperatures soar, employers need to take steps to reduce the temperature in the workplace.
    Health & Safety guidelines state that employers have a duty to ensure reasonable workplace temperature, but evidence shows that due to the unreliable British summer, too many employers fail to monitor workplace temperature closely enough.

  • How to transform your business and your marketing

    By . Published on 4th July 2011

    Robert Craven is one of the UK’s leading marketing specialists and entrepreneur gurus, and author of Bright Marketing – Why Should People Bother to Buy From You? He explains how, with a few simple steps, you can improve your marketing to transform your workplace, people and profit margin.
    Effective marketing can see your business get ahead of its competition and reach its full potential, but many businesses still struggle to stand out. Firstly, let’s be specific about the main reasons why marketing fails in your business. The list is simple: