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  • Without a goal it’s difficult to score

    By . Published on 28th June 2011

    Janette Whitney of award winning Business Consultants Janette Whitney & Associates comments on the power of goal setting.
    ‘I want to be as famous as Persil Automatic,’ said Victoria Beckham.

  • Using QR codes

    By . Published on 23rd June 2011

    [caption id="attachment_2570" align="alignleft" width="610" caption="One way to stand out from the crowd - distinctive business cards"][/caption]

    Have you come across QR codes? Maybe you recognise the funny-looking square images but aren’t sure what they are? We’ve just created some new business cards which have QR (short for Quick Response) codes incorporated into them.

  • How to break through the elusive magic million barrier

    By . Published on 20th June 2011

    What do the successful do differently from the rest? The Directors’ Centre Magic Million Survey compares and contrasts the attributes, traits and characteristics of successful entrepreneurs with their less successful counterparts to find out just that.
    The study asked what successful (and aspiring) owner-managers/directors of growing businesses think is required to break through the MM (Magic Million) barriers: namely a £1m turnover and taking £1m out of the business.

  • And now I am getting hate mail

    By . Published on 6th June 2011

    It seems that my ‘Beating The Credit Crunch’ ology is like marmite. People love it or hate it.
    The messages are pretty straightforward. You shouldn’t even think about increasing sales until you have done the following:

  • The price is right

    By . Published on 30th May 2011

    Sales down? Margins squeezed? Worried about the recession?
    If so, here is a top tip: put your prices up!