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  • So why is business planning so important?

    By . Published on 26th May 2011

    “Where is my business going?”
    No-one sets off on a journey without knowing where they are going and having a pretty good idea of how to get there.

  • Turning the corner out of the recession – a case study

    By . Published on 23rd May 2011

    Three months ago I sat in on a so-called management meeting for a rather lovely business (10 staff in the creative industries) who were heading towards bankruptcy with remarkable speed. They asked if I could bring a magic wand with me.  (The bank manager’s heavy-handed letter had prompted the meeting.)
    They showed me their wonderful work, they showed me their wonderful business plan and then they started to bitch amongst themselves about why other things were stopping them from being successful. The problem was not defined but a few questions clarified what was going on. In a nutshell, the key comments I heard were following a well-worn model:

  • Beating the credit crunch – one summer party: two stories to share

    By . Published on 19th May 2011

    It was summer 2008.

    Alice ran a graphics studio. She employed 12 young artists and turned over a tad under £1m. Lovely lady. Lovely business.

  • Leadership, Army-style

    By . Published on 16th May 2011

    “Ask good questions, listen carefully and give clear instructions.”
    Sound advice indeed, and I’m writing it down carefully as I’m talking to Sir Philip Trousdell, formerly director of the multinational NATO force in Bosnia and commander of the operation in Northern Ireland. He’s telling me about his take on leadership, Army-style.

  • Time is money

    By . Published on 9th May 2011

    As anybody running a small business will tell you, time is a precious commodity. Trying to balance the demands of daily tasks that have to be done and the long-term projects that really drive your business forward, is a constant battle.
    With so many URGENT matters competing with IMPORTANT jobs you can easily find that all your time goes on fire-fighting, leaving you with very little time to spend on the projects that really determine the long-term success of your business.