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By , published on 4th June 2013

Technology is breathing new life into publishing with print on demand and e-readers giving authors the option of self publishing their books, keeping 100% copyright and all the royalties. The relentless rise of social media has also played its part, offering new routes to market and avenues for spreading the word. You only have to look at the phenomenal success of ‘Fifty Shades’ to know that the traditional route to book publishing is being challenged.

Now, authors do not have to wait years before finally getting a book deal – they can get their book onto Amazon within weeks of finishing the manuscript.

What hasn’t changed, though, is the importance of a good edit and a striking, professionally-designed cover. Self published does not mean settling for second best – indeed it is essential to ensure the book is as good as it can be, to do justice to the writing and hard work that has gone into it.

The quickest and cheapest way to get your book to market is to opt for an e-book. E-books have no reproduction costs (ie printing and distribution) so new authors can set the selling price low – even giving some copies away for free – to build their market. The biggest sales tool is the book itself –readers who enjoy it will recommend it to others.

Some authors and readers still prefer a printed book, and print on demand removes the risk of printing hundreds of books that may not sell (not to mention the difficulty of storing and distributing them). With print on demand, a single copy is printed off when it is ordered and posted to the customer directly.

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