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By , published on 2nd September 2011

Website marketing isn’t necessarily a difficult process. You can make it a lot more difficult for yourself, however, by making some basic mistakes. The fact is that most website owners effectively sabotage their own marketing by using half-baked online marketing techniques and making a mess of fundamental errors in their SEO. We’re going to look at some of the basic ‘How Tos’ of website marketing and techniques.

SEO – Don’t do anything without it

SEO is as basic as breathing for websites. This mechanism makes your site visible and can help promote it. If you can manage your SEO to get good search engine ratings, it will improve your web presence and marketing profile. That said, you need to do some research on your SEO to make sure you get the best results. In practice, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the keyword phrase issues relating to your site.

SEO is based on a range of logical factors:

  • Relevance – This is based on the search engine’s determination of the value of your site relative to the search criteria
  • Effective search keywords to match search criteria – The simple fact is that if you use the wrong SEO terms, they won’t connect with the people looking for the site’s content and materials
  • Links – Links to other relevant sites add value to search results
  • Site information quality – Sites with unique materials and high quality information like pages of technical information, ‘How To’ manuals and other useful materials are prioritised in search results simply because they are more useful sites
  • Site content – Site content is one of the absolute basics of SEO values. This is the practical application of the point about ‘Relevance’ above. These materials provide value to the search engine’s assessment of your site.

Marketing – The name of the game is targeting

Internet marketing is based on identifying a market and targeting that market with materials. This is also an SEO-related operation, coordinating materials with effective SEM (Search Engine Marketing) techniques. This type of marketing is based on optimising materials and links to progress the exposure and marketing potential of the product.

Please note that online marketing processes are based on marketing processes specially adapted to the internet.

These processes include:

  • Product placement: It’s important for online marketers to target clearly identified market niches. If you’re marketing a business consultancy, for example, your promotional materials, links and ads must appear on relevant business sites. This is an SEO best practice, and it’s also directly linked to the core market for these services
  • Promotion content: The promotional and information content needs to be unique (good SEO and often required by many websites) and to have direct value to consumers, as well as the search engines
  • Sales pitches: Internet marketing also involves recognition of the fact that this is a particularly competitive and often extremely fussy market. Sales materials can and will be compared with competitors. Best practice is to research the competing offers and map out a viable sales profile to ensure your product isn’t ‘Brand X’ when promoted.

Above all – Make sure your website marketing remains current, interesting and of value to your market. It involves a lot of work, but it does pay off.

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