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Derek Anderson is Founder of Vaporware Labs, builders of fun and useful web, mobile, and social applications.

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  • Ultimate entrepreneur: The Little Red Hen

    Published on 4th November 2010

    Recently I was talking to someone roughly my same age about his summer. He said he tried to work as little as possible and spent more than a few weeks on vacation. I was taken aback as I thought about the summer my team and I have had trying to finish our upcoming iPad/iPhone game Steve Young Football. Very long days, dinner at work, weekends at the office, coming home on almost a nightly basis and apologising to Erica (my supportive/awesome wife).

    This experience reminded me of a nursery story I often think about called The Little Red Hen. In the beginning the Hen looks for anyone who could help her with her idea (startup). She asks:

  • 50 things learned in my first year as a full-time entrepreneur

    Published on 13th September 2010

    This week marks one year since I left my job and began an unheralded life of the entrepreneur. While the learning curve has been steep, it has been one of the most productive years in terms of personal growth. Here are 50 of the most important things I’ve learned along the way.