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Ford Henderson is a client attraction marketing expert. He works with professional service business owners across the UK to help them market their business to get a continuous flow of profitable new clients

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  • When doing it yourself becomes a false economy

    Published on 11th November 2010

    So, you’re in business and gone are the days when a regular pay cheque finds its way into your bank account.  You’re not sure what tomorrow is going to bring in terms of new clients and the last thing you want to do is think about paying out for unnecessary expenses.  Whether it’s providing your service, answering the phone, doing the accounts or booking your train journeys, you’re going to do it all yourself and save yourself some money.  The only trouble is, trying to juggle so many responsibilities is not only leaving you exhausted, but you still don’t have time to grow your business and seriously wonder whether you’ll ever be able to.

    Most small business owners tend to go it alone at first, taking everything on themselves in their bid to save money.  Actually though, more often than not this ‘do it yourself’ mentality becomes a self-defeating false economy which leaves them trapped and unable to grow their businesses.

  • The fortune’s in the follow-up!

    Published on 28th October 2010

    As a business owner, it can often be hard to know at what point you cross the line from being persistent to being borderline pushy when it comes to following up sales leads.  Having made one or two attempts to stay in touch and got nowhere, therefore, most begin to back down and head off in a new direction, all the time spending more and more money on yet another advertising or marketing campaign that falls short of the mark and watching their profits being eaten away.
    Did you know that research shows that it takes anywhere between seven and 12 contacts with a potential client to make a sale, but that actually most businesses give up after just two attempts?  Why does it take so many contacts?  Think for a moment about the retail trade.  If you are in the market for a big-branded chocolate bar, it doesn’t really matter which supermarket or local store you call into.  The chocolate bar will be the same wherever you buy it from and whether you trust the shop owner or not really doesn’t come into the equation.  Assuming that the seller hasn’t retained her stock well past its sell-by date, it’s just a quick transaction with few or no consequences.

  • Poor planning key to 80% business start-up failure rate

    Published on 14th October 2010

    According to a recent BBC news report, four out of every five business start-ups ends in failure and one of the main reasons comes down to either poor planning or a total lack of it.
    Small business owners undoubtedly face a number of challenges as part of their daily lives.  Not only does the day-to-day running of the business leave them feeling totally overwhelmed, but so too does the mere thought of putting together what are often perceived to be complex business and marketing plans.  In many cases, they find it hard to pinpoint just what it is that they want to achieve, or what it is realistic for them to achieve, and so they simply end up muddling through.

  • Is the thought of cold-calling keeping you awake at night?

    Published on 29th September 2010

    Does the thought of selling bring you out in a cold sweat?  Does it conjure up images of pushy double-glazing salesmen who simply won’t take no for an answer?
    For many small business owners, the very idea of cold-calling can feel incredibly stressful.  On the one hand they know that they need the income, but at the same time they don’t want to appear ‘salesy’.  The prospect of having to ‘tout their wares’ makes them feel demeaned and somehow smacks of desperation, turning even confident people into jibbering wrecks.  Even if they can pluck up the courage, they can’t be sure that all their discomfort will even meet with the desired, and sometimes necessary, results.

  • 50% of advertising money is money down the drain!

    Published on 15th September 2010

    Have you ever paid out good money to stick an advert for your services in your local newspaper and been totally underwhelmed by the lack of response?  If so, you’re not alone.  Ever wondered why it didn’t work?  Two reasons.

  • No USP, No Deal!

    Published on 1st September 2010

    So, you’ve got a great service to offer and you’re really good at what you do, but where have all the clients gone?  You’ve paid out good money to place advertisements in a wide range of publications and maybe handed out some flyers or stuck notices up in your local supermarkets, but nothing seems to be hitting the mark.  With so many people coming face to face with your marketing efforts, how come you’re not getting a better response?
    One of the biggest mistakes that many professional service business owners make in terms of marketing is working on the assumption that the wider they cast their nets, the more clients they will get in through the door.  Their scattergun attempts to get the word out, however, cost them dearly in a financial sense, but worse still, fail to get results…and for two very good reasons.

  • Does Marketing Matter? 365 Million ‘Googlers’ Can’t Be Wrong!

    Published on 11th August 2010

    During the course of a year, the word ‘marketing’ gets around 365 million hits on Google.  Why so many? Because marketing matters!
    If your business is like many other service businesses, the chances are that you swing from being inundated with work one minute and find yourself sitting twiddling your thumbs the next. When work is plentiful, you don’t have time to think about where the next batch of clients is going to come from, let alone do anything about ensuring that they choose your business over the competition.