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Janette Whitney is an award-winning business consultant, media columnist and award-winning business author. She specialises in business growth strategies and finance and formed her consultancy business after a highly successful career in banking. Janette’s expertise has won her both national and regional awards which include ‘Consultant of the year’ and ‘Business Book of the Year’ award (as co-author of ‘The Essential Business Guide’).

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  • Beware of company identity fraud

    Published on 4th October 2011

    A recent crime prevention campaign run by the Metropolitan Police, working together with Companies House, has highlighted the threat of ‘company hijacking’. Principally affecting small and medium-sized businesses, the loss to industry caused by this type of fraud is estimated to be more than £50million per year.
    The fraudster files forms at Companies House notifying the appointment of a fictitious new director and a new registered office for a legitimate company. The Registrar of Companies, who cannot check that all these documents are genuine and is not obliged to by law, registers them. The fraudster then uses the company’s credit rating to obtain high-value goods and services.

  • Are your sales a bit slow?

    Published on 20th September 2011

    Are you finding business a bit slow? I know, you think to yourself, my prices are too high, I should cut them and that will solve the problem.

  • How recession proof are your profits?

    Published on 6th September 2011

    You can almost guarantee that if you open a paper today there will be numerous doom and gloom stories about businesses suffering during this turbulent downturn in the economy. So just how do companies remain profitable during these hard times?

  • How successful are your phone calls?

    Published on 23rd August 2011

    Making important telephone calls as opposed to a face to face conversation can be difficult and sometimes more unnerving. You can’t assess the other person eyeball to eyeball, you can’t see their body language and facial expressions, all of which makes it more difficult for you to gauge the success or otherwise of what you are trying to achieve. 
    So here are five tips to help increase the odds in your favour:

  • Time to sell your business?

    Published on 9th August 2011

    Selling your business could be the most important financial deal you’ll ever make, and perhaps the most emotional. Not all businesses are saleable – you can only sell your business if someone is prepared to pay for it. If you can’t identify strong reasons, that can be easily substantiated, why you business would make a good acquisition, it’s likely to be difficult to find a buyer.
    Many business owners put in a lifetime of hard work building their business only to throw away some of the rewards by failing to consider properly how they will exit from the business financially.
    Why you need an exit strategy

  • Buying a business

    Published on 26th July 2011

    So you fancy a present for yourself? – there’s lots on offer out there, but if you’re thinking about running your own business, buying a company that’s already established may be a lot less work than starting from scratch. Like everything though there are advantages and disadvantages to consider.

  • Keeping your cool at work

    Published on 12th July 2011

    When temperatures soar, employers need to take steps to reduce the temperature in the workplace.
    Health & Safety guidelines state that employers have a duty to ensure reasonable workplace temperature, but evidence shows that due to the unreliable British summer, too many employers fail to monitor workplace temperature closely enough.

  • Without a goal it’s difficult to score

    Published on 28th June 2011

    Janette Whitney of award winning Business Consultants Janette Whitney & Associates comments on the power of goal setting.
    ‘I want to be as famous as Persil Automatic,’ said Victoria Beckham.

  • So why is business planning so important?

    Published on 26th May 2011

    “Where is my business going?”
    No-one sets off on a journey without knowing where they are going and having a pretty good idea of how to get there.

  • Time is money

    Published on 9th May 2011

    As anybody running a small business will tell you, time is a precious commodity. Trying to balance the demands of daily tasks that have to be done and the long-term projects that really drive your business forward, is a constant battle.
    With so many URGENT matters competing with IMPORTANT jobs you can easily find that all your time goes on fire-fighting, leaving you with very little time to spend on the projects that really determine the long-term success of your business.