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Janette Whitney is an award-winning business consultant, media columnist and award-winning business author. She specialises in business growth strategies and finance and formed her consultancy business after a highly successful career in banking. Janette’s expertise has won her both national and regional awards which include ‘Consultant of the year’ and ‘Business Book of the Year’ award (as co-author of ‘The Essential Business Guide’).

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  • Managing cash in difficult times

    Published on 25th April 2011

    Businesses don’t fail because of a short-term lack of profitability; they fail because they run out of cash.
    The Solutions:

  • What does your desk say about you?

    Published on 10th April 2011

    Janette Whitney of Award-winning Business Consultants, Janette Whitney & Associates gives insight on claims that the state of your workspace is a reflection of your personality and abilities.
    Recent research claims that most people fit into one of five desk personalities that reveal insights into their organisational skills, career ambitions, communication skills and sense of humour.

  • Prepare for the upturn

    Published on 18th March 2011

    Recession, tightening of money supply, nervousness in investor confidence, decline in customer demand, inflation, shortages of key commodities, adverse currency movements, economic and political uncertainty – they all come and go.
    Fortune often goes to the bold in such circumstances – but most often to the well prepared.

  • Networking online

    Published on 4th March 2011

    There is an increasing choice of places to network online, so what are the four keys to benefiting from online networks?.

  • What does your handshake say about you?

    Published on 16th February 2011

    More than just physical contact, a handshake conveys a wealth of psychological information.
    We walk away from a handshake saying things like, “You know, I just felt really comfortable with her” or “I don’t know why, but I simply don’t trust that guy”.

  • New year, new plan?

    Published on 4th February 2011

    Here are a few ideas to help get your business off to a flying start this year.

  • Top tips for saving energy and money

    Published on 10th January 2011

    Rarely do small businesses get a chance to save money, cut their wastage and help the environment all at the same time. Knowing where to start when it comes to reducing energy wastage can be difficult, but by making a few simple changes small businesses could cut their energy costs by as much as 20 per cent.

    Here are some tips to help you make immediate savings:

  • The cheque’s in the post??

    Published on 13th December 2010

    With late or non payment on the increase in business, here are 10 ways to improve your credit control and maximise cash flow:

  • 10 ways to help you get bank funding

    Published on 29th November 2010

    Getting funding from your bank is not nearly as straightforward as it used to be. If you are a growing business relying on bank finance, maintaining a positive relationship with your bank is more critical than ever.

    Here are 10 ways to inspire confidence in your bank and help you get the finance you need.

  • How to create the network you want

    Published on 15th November 2010

    As the saying goes ‘it’s not what you know but who you know’ so how can you widen your network of contacts to create the network that is important to your business? Here are 10 tips to help you create the network you want.