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  • Line breaks

    Published on 27th July 2010

    This tutorial explains what a line break is, when to use it, and common problems with spacing in web content.
    It is important to know the difference between line breaks and other typographical elements when adding content.

  • Adding posts

    Published on 2nd July 2010

    When you log in to your site’s CMS, you will see a link to ‘Posts’ in the left-hand menu on your screen. Posts are things you can add to over time as your business develops. They are there to help keep your website fresh and up-to-date.

    Your site may contain other types of posts such as news, projects, testimonials and case studies. Although there may be subtle differences, the admin forms will all be much the same.

  • Using webmail

    Published on 2nd July 2010

    All Siteroom websites come with optional free email accounts. This tutorial explains how you can access those mailboxes via Webmail.
    Webmail lets you open up your emails from any computer with Internet access. Siteroom uses Google’s Gmail service to provide easy, reliable, and spam-free email support. You will have been provided account details by Siteroom. To login to your email account via webmail: