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Robert Ashton is an entrepreneur, campaigner and business author with three business books in the top 10 recommended for business on Amazon. He knows how enterprise can liberate, empower and strengthen people and communities. Robert is always focused on the end goal but treads lightly as he goes – that’s why he’s called the barefoot entrepreneur.

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  • Ten training opportunities most overlook

    Published on 23rd February 2011

    Training and personal development can make a tremendous difference to the way people perform in their jobs. Don’t forget that this also applies to you as the boss. However, if you thought that training had to involve spending lots of money, think again. Here are 10 low cost options.

  • Ten things to do that will make you a good boss

    Published on 11th February 2011

    Motivating yourself can be tough, but motivating others can be a far larger challenge. In fact motivating those you employ can in itself be very motivating for you. Here are ten small things that will make your staff happier at work. Happiness is a vital precursor to motivation!

  • 10 tips to help you work better with your suppliers

    Published on 30th January 2011

    Your suppliers are as important to you as your customers. This is true if you are a manufacturer buying components or a consultancy with freelance associates. You’ll work best with suppliers that have these ten qualities:

  • 10 simple tips for a healthy cash flow

    Published on 17th January 2011

    Many people will say that cash is the ‘lifeblood’ of a business. This is because without cash flowing in to the business, none can flow out. Here’s how to make sure you keep your cash flow healthy:

    Invoice promptly – as soon as you’ve finished a job, send in the bill. Don’t wait until the end of the month to raise your invoices;

  • 10 ways to motivate yourself

    Published on 6th December 2010

    Running your own business does not mean you are always going to feel motivated. At times, the tasks will seem too daunting and distractions will be too tempting. What’s more, no one else is going to motivate you if you’re the boss. Here’s how to motivate yourself:

    Set daily goals – if you plan what you want to get done each day, you’re less likely to feel overwhelmed by your workload. Set realistic daily work goals;

  • 10 good reasons to work from home

    Published on 22nd November 2010

    Working from home is incredibly convenient. It also saves you the cost and hassle of finding somewhere to base your business. Of course you need some space and there may be distractions, but there are lots of good reasons for working from home. Here are 10 of them:

    Cheap – the money you save by not renting an office can be invested instead in technology, marketing and other things that build your business;

  • 10 top networking tips

    Published on 1st November 2010

    Do you find networking daunting? Most of us find it difficult to approach and talk with complete strangers. Here are 10 tips to help you get networking:

  • 10 reasons why it’s smart to manage your costs

    Published on 18th October 2010

    Everyone focuses on winning sales and growing turnover. But often the biggest opportunity to boost profit is by reducing your costs. As Jass found in Chapter 7 of my new Checklists book (Mokoko cocktail bar), you can reduce cost without reducing perceived quality. Here are 10 reasons why you might choose to do the same:

  • 10 people who can offer you the best advice

    Published on 4th October 2010

    You will find many people only too willing to offer you their opinion. But what you really need is advice from people with relevant knowledge and experience. Opinion is important and can help you shape your view. Good advice is more valuable, steering you away from potential pitfalls. Here are 10 different people who can advise you:

  • 10 important figures and how to calculate them

    Published on 18th August 2010

    If you’re new to business, or simply new to the numbers, the words people use when describing business plans can be confusing. Here are the ten you need to know best, together with how to work them out: