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Robert Craven shows MDs and owners how to grow their sales and profits and focuses on how to do this in recessionary times. His latest book is the runaway success “Beating the Credit Crunch – survive and thrive in the current recession” He is a keynote speaker and the author of business best-seller ‘Kick-Start Your Business’ (foreword by Sir Richard Branson) and runs The Directors’ Centre, helping growing businesses to grow. For further information, contact Robert Craven on 01225 851044 [email protected]

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  • And now I am getting hate mail

    Published on 6th June 2011

    It seems that my ‘Beating The Credit Crunch’ ology is like marmite. People love it or hate it.
    The messages are pretty straightforward. You shouldn’t even think about increasing sales until you have done the following:

  • Turning the corner out of the recession – a case study

    Published on 23rd May 2011

    Three months ago I sat in on a so-called management meeting for a rather lovely business (10 staff in the creative industries) who were heading towards bankruptcy with remarkable speed. They asked if I could bring a magic wand with me.  (The bank manager’s heavy-handed letter had prompted the meeting.)
    They showed me their wonderful work, they showed me their wonderful business plan and then they started to bitch amongst themselves about why other things were stopping them from being successful. The problem was not defined but a few questions clarified what was going on. In a nutshell, the key comments I heard were following a well-worn model:

  • Beating the credit crunch – one summer party: two stories to share

    Published on 19th May 2011

    It was summer 2008.

    Alice ran a graphics studio. She employed 12 young artists and turned over a tad under £1m. Lovely lady. Lovely business.


    Published on 5th May 2011

    Perfectly nice people with perfectly nice businesses are going bust left, right and centre. Big businesses, small businesses, all sizes of businesses. It is outrageous. It is obscene and a disgrace.
    I think I am about to start ranting!

  • How to keep your customers happy

    Published on 21st April 2011

    In a world where everyone tries to delight us, why are we not so very delighted?
    Companies lose customers because they go elsewhere.  And the reason why customers go elsewhere is that the people who serve them are indifferent to their needs. Here are 10 ways to keep your customers happy:

  • Why big businesses are lousy at selling to SMEs

    Published on 7th April 2011

    Big blue chip corporates think they’re marketing to the small or owner-managed businesses but they’re not. They’re not talking to these business people. They don’t know how to talk to small businesses… They don’t even realise that small businesses have a separate language and a separate way of being from the world that they live in.
    There are four million small businesses in the UK and that’s just the bosses, accounting for 99.8% of the UK business names and employing 12 million people.

  • Survive and thrive, my foot

    Published on 24th March 2011

    In our attempts to be polite, everything recession-oriented has the strapline ‘survive and thrive’.  My book… workshops run by accountants… and seminars run by banks, business support organisations and consultants now give everything the S&T tagline. Sometimes we reverse the letters so it is T&S!
    Survive and thrive, my foot.

  • How to grow this business

    Published on 10th March 2011

    A friend called me and asked, “How do we grow our business…?  My boss wants to promote me and the interview, tomorrow, is based on what I will do to grow the business. Help… will a bottle of wine help?”.

    The initial approach to answering the question, ‘How do you grow a business?’ should be straightforward.  It doesn’t take a Stelios or a Branson to tell you that you need:

  • Why you can’t sell and what to do about it

    Published on 21st February 2011

    With so much mediocrity about, you can stand out if you improve the way that you sell.
    This article, in a nutshell: