Case study:Barter Angels

Barter Angels is an innovative member-based company, allowing transactions without cash. A virtual currency, ‘Barter Pounds’ are used to purchase goods and services from other members of the Barter network. Members earn Barter Pounds by providing goods and services to the other members.

“I really love my site and branding. It is exactly what I wanted but just could not imagine it myself.”

We designed a brochure site and improved logo for Barter Angels, more clearly communicating the innovative ‘barter’ trading concept and promoting the business advantages of being a Barter Angels member. The new site was designed with these business goals in mind. Working with company owner Ruxana Mahdi, we gave the site a corporate look and feel to reflect the business’s activity and the high level of exchange through the network.

Ruxana said: “Dan Brady and his team designed the branding for Barter Angels which is exactly what I wanted, but lacking a creative background myself, I was unable to clearly articulate or imagine the precise design of the logo and branding I wanted. However, the logo and branding they designed is perfect for the business reflecting the company name and the business activity in a very clever way.

“The website is excellent and I am receiving so much positive feedback regarding this. I was surprised at how quickly the branding and website were completed despite nominal input from me. The team just got on with it and showed me the almost complete job.

“Dan and his team have been a delight to work with and grasped what I was looking for quickly, demonstrating real creativity and professionalism in designing the branding and website which I could not be happier with.”

This is how the website looked before

This is how the website looks now

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