What is Siteroom?

Siteroom is a collection of services aimed at helping small businesses make the most of online opportunities, through websites, marketing, copywriting and more. We’re based in the UK, and happy to work with clients from anywhere in the world. See the About page or browse the main menu links at the top of each page for more info.

Who is it Siteroom for?

Siteroom is aimed at any small business or organisation that is looking to engage with customers and grow online. Our range of integrated services are designed to provide high quality work for a variety of business types, including:

  • Small businesses
  • Freelancers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Start-ups
  • Charities
  • Bloggers
  • Retail (e-commerce)
  • Online communities
  • Anyone who wants affordable web solutions with the minimum of technical fuss!

Our services are applicable to a wide range of business types, from creative freelancers to retail and professional teams.

Do I have to build the site myself?

Not at all. In fact we aim to minimise the technical hassles at every opportunity. You simply choose a web template, tell us whether you want any customisation (or a unique, non-template design) and we build it for you.

What are web templates?

Web templates are ready-made professional designs, which mean we can offer websites at a reduced price. Use them as they are (with your branding and content) or we can customise the look and functionality for you. Unlike some other web template sites, the Siteroom designs are hand-picked and of excellent quality.

Can I update my website content myself?

Yes. All Siteroom websites (except the ‘Basic’ level) come with an easy-to-use content management system (based on WordPress). Pages, text and images can be easily changed, added and deleted.

How long does it take to build a Siteroom website?

We built one and made it live in 2 working days, but it really depends on the level of customisation you require. We aim to get all sites live within 7 working days of receiving finished content. Often it’s quicker than this in practice. The most common delaying factor is indeed the content, but we can help with that too.

What’s the payment process?

We bill half upfront and half upon completion. Soon, invoices will be generated online and are very easy to pay via PayPal or credit/debit card. For details on prices see our Pricing page.

Why is there a monthly fee?

The monthly fee covers our costs for providing support (5 email queries per month), as well as maintenance, security updates, and hosting charges. Monthly prices start at £10 (rising slightly depending on the features of your site) which we think is pretty reasonable given our aim to remove the technical hassles from owning and running a website.

Can you do a website for less than £500?

A website is a marketing tool for growing your business. A lot of companies have a near-zero number of sales coming from their website because they’re badly made and end up sitting there collecting dust. We don’t want this to happen to you. Our website packages include features that most companies consider luxuries, like SEO, social media, and designs from world-class artists. These all come as standard with Siteroom so your website becomes the best investment your business has made.

I have my own web hosting, can I use this?

We don’t accept external 3rd party hosting as too much is then out of our control. We are able to keep our prices low by managing the sites from one central place.

I have a domain already, what do I do?

We will require username and password to access your domain, and we simply point your domain (URL) to our hosting. This process can take 48 hours to take effect. You retain control and ownership of the domain.

Can I add extra website features later on?

Absolutely. Siteroom websites can be adapted at a later date to add a range of features, including: e-commerce, social media, forums, image galleries, account logins, payment options, advertising and more. Add the extras if and when you need them.

What about email?

We know that some customers find email a pain to set up. Don’t worry. We will set up your email accounts, and provide instruction on setting up common email clients. With your permission, we can even remotely set up your PC or laptop so that you can use the powerful free Thunderbird email client.

I want a services package that isn’t on the site

We’re happy to tailor a bespoke package of services – please get in touch with details of your requirements.

Can I resell Siteroom services as ‘white label’?

Yes. We are always happy to talk to professionals who are interested in selling Siteroom websites (and other services) as part of their own range of services. Please contact us if this is of interest.

I am a designer/marketeer, can I work with Siteroom?

Get in touch and we’ll see if there’s common ground!

Do you accept advice articles from guest contributers?

If you have well-written content which is relevant to small businesses, we’d love to see it!

What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

We’re not sure…

Have we missed something?

If you have any other queries relating to Siteroom, please get in touch. In time, common queries will be added to this list.

What’s the payment process?

We bill half upfront and half upon completion. Soon, invoices will be generated online and are very easy to pay via PayPal or credit/debit card. For details on prices see our Pricing page.