Website features

All the features you need to successfully grow your business online

To see what you get, select a pricing plan:

Standard features

  • Customised design

    We'll customise one of our web templates to fit your brand, giving you a professional and personalised website.

  • Editable content

    Keep your website up-to-date. With our easy-to-use content management system (CMS) you can add, remove and edit content yourself. Includes text, images, videos, pages.

  • Testimonials

    Win business by letting visitors know how great you are. Testimonials are an excellent way to show how you've helped your existing customers.

  • Portfolio or Case studies

    Impress your clients. With Siteroom it's easy to display your best work, add images, link with testimonials and win over your potential customers.

  • News or Blog

    Siteroom websites are built using Wordpress, which was originally designed as a blogging platform. Needless to say, you'll find blogging a breeze. (Plus: built-in spam protection)

  • Google optimisation (SEO)

    We build your website so it's ready to perform well on Google Search, Google Maps, and other search engines, so you can improve your exposure.

  • Social media

    Your Siteroom website can link to your social media accounts, eg Twitter, Facebook etc. Every time you post a new blog item, your site can automatically tweet it to your followers!

  • Help & Support

    We're here to help. As well as great online tutorials, you have 5 email support queries every month so you can confidently get the best from your website.

  • Content uploaded

    We do even more for you! We'll add your company logo and up to 10 pages of content, providing you with a complete website 'straight out of the box'.

  • Email addresses

    We'll provide you with up to 10 email addresses, plus webmail access so you can access your emails anywhere in the world. We even have tutorials on how to set up your smartphone.

  • User stats

    Our stats give you insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. You'll know how your site is performing and be better-informed to improve traffic and convert visitors into clients.

  • Security updates

    We know you don't want to worry about security upgrades; you have better things to do! But they are necessary for any web platform. So we take care of it for you.

  • Contact form

    Displaying your email address can result in large quantities of junk mail. Your website visitors will easily be able to contact you using the contact form built-in to your site, whilst reducing spam.

  • Hosting

    We take care of the hosting for you; it's yet another thing you don't need to ever worry about again! Which gives you more time to concentrate on your business.

  • Tutorials

    You'll find using your Siteroom website straightforward to use, and to make life even easier just browse our video tutorials on common tasks.

Optional add-ons

Totally flexible. Can be added to any website at any point in time.

  • E-commerce (shop)

    Increase your sales and customer base by selling your products online. We make setting up shop easy. Integrate with email campaigns (eg special offers) for maximum effect.

  • E-newsletters

    Keep your users in the know by sending them the latest news and special offers by email. Siteroom makes it easy for you to build and send out a professional looking newsletter.

  • Photo gallery

    Show off your photos or document events with a slick photo gallery. Organise and watermark your shots. You can even pull in your Flickr photos.

  • Membership

    Generate revenue from premium content on your site. We make it easy to manage your members, so you can spend more time providing top-quality content.

  • User comments

    Listen to feedback from your clients and readers with our lightweight comments feature. It's spam protection feature does the moderation for you.

  • Search

    Help users get to the content they want in one click. A search is a great way for users to navigate around websites with large amounts of content.

  • Mobile e-commerce

    Take advantage of smartphone popularity and make your e-commerce shop accessible to iPhones, iPads and Android phones.

  • Online community

    Create your own social network: a platform for collaboration, sharing, interaction and engagement. Users can discuss, post content, send private messages, network and build their profiles.

  • Advanced SEO

    Good content makes a better search ranking. Siteroom's advanced SEO feature analyses your website's content and reports back with suggested improvements, resulting in ongoing optimisation

  • Usability testing

    We video people using your website so you can see how to improve the user experience. Watch videos of users' screens and hear their comments to learn what works and what needs improving.

  • Secure online payments

    Sell whatever you like on your website: services, products, subscriptions, downloads, anything! We can set up your website to work with a range of payment providers (PayPal, Google Checkout).

  • Manage billing

    Send your invoices and estimates online, record transactions, and let the software chase up bad debts automatically. This feature reduces time spent on invoicing and accounting..

  • Events calendar

    Allow users to see what's coming up with Siteroom's events calendar. You can improve your event exposure and keep a record of past events. Need more? Add online event booking too.

  • Job board

    Recruitment company? Post jobs online and let candidates upload their CVs. Save yourself time by letting advertisers login and list their own vacancies, and even pay you online.

  • Google Maps

    By integrating Google Maps into your website, clients will never have trouble finding you again. Ideal for hard-to-find businesses.

  • Downloads

    Sell or give away downloads to your customers. You can also create password protected areas of your website for exclusive users.

  • Multi-lingual

    Want to sell to an international market? We can translate your website for you and let users choose their local language.

  • A/B Testing

    A/B testing is a way of understanding and improving how users interact with your website. You can test 2 variants of a page to find out which is better.

Additional services

  • Copywriting

    People read differently on the web. We write your copy to appeal to your readers and maximise your search engine ranking. Learn more.

  • Marketing

    Expand your audience, understand your customers, and measure your success with our range of online and offline marketing tools. Learn more.

  • Logos

    Stand out from the crowd with a professionally designed, unique logo. Or, why not let us lift your existing branding? Learn more.

  • Design & Print

    As well as on the web, create an impression offline with our stunning designs and first class print. Learn more.

  • Packages

    Our services are designed to work well together. For your convieience and to save you money we've put together some packages of complementary features and services.