We've put together some guides and walkthroughs to help you manage and get the best out of your website.

  • Private posts

    Published on 3rd June 2010

    If you’d like to make particular posts private or password-protected, or have your whole website only accessible to certain people, WordPress (the platform upon which Siteroom is built) has options for you. Here’s how to go about it.

  • Using categories and tags

    Published on 3rd June 2010

    Categories and tags help to organize the content in your site, and make it easier for people to navigate through to find what they’re looking for. In this short video, we’ll take a look at how to add and manage both.


  • Super fast posting

    Published on 3rd June 2010

    If you want to quickly get a post out without the trimmings of the main editor, QuickPress makes it simple to publish right from the dashboard. This short video walks you through it.

  • Publish posts at a later date

    Published on 3rd June 2010

    If you’d like to set a post to publish at a future date, here’s how to do it.

  • Add a YouTube video

    Published on 3rd June 2010

    Here’s how to add a YouTube video to your site

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